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He is someone with a high level of motivation, business experience and interpersonal relationship with his collaborators. Trained at the University of Delaware (Business School), he is an American citizen, with more than 20 years of experience living in Chile: His experiences have allowed for the development of communication skills with an important cultural background in Latin America and the US. A specialist in business management and development, he has traveled and visited many different countries of the world developing business plans and associated projects. His knowledge, skills and languages ​​have allowed him to successfully develop financial models for several countries within Latin America. He has strong organizational and negotiation skills and looks forward every day to what life has to offer. He currently holds the position of Country Manager Chile at Vivify Company Spa.



He is a Chilean businessman who has developed projects and ventures in Chile, Argentina, China, Belgium, Angola and in recent years in Luxembourg. Always entrenched on the ground floor with innovation and constantly looking to open new markets. The last five years he has been based in Luxembourg, which allowed him to move throughout Europe generating a great network of contacts and strategic alliances. It was in his numerous visits to the Nordic countries, mainly Denmark and Norway, that he discovered the model of well-being established by governments at the service of the people. This is where he came up with the way to implement this model via a private company in Latin America, by bringing applied technology for the overall well-being and to facilitate a better way for people to live. This is the foundation of the company Vivify Company Spa he shares with David Goodman,

He currently holds the position of Business Development Manager at Vivify Company Spa.




Emilia is the Sales Strategy Manager.  She is trained as an Organizational Psychologist with over 15 years of experience as the Director of Human Resources for several international companies including Aresta SA, better known as Pizza Hut, Total Chile SA, Ceva Chile SA, Harsco Minerals Chile and Thyssenkrupp AG.  At Thyssenkrupp AG, she worked with several Caribbean and Latin American companies allowing her to create and build a vast and unique communication network.  Emilia developed these invaluable contacts through her impeccable collaboration skills, dedication to improving the work environment and personable abilities, making her an instrumental asset to Vivify.    


lorena perez.jpg

Lorena is one of our Consulting Advisors.  She has diplomas in both Strategic Sales Management and People Management and is a Civil Computer Engineer at the University of Conception with more than 20 years of experience within her field.  She also teaches as a Professor at the University of Vina del Mar at PMI.  Lorena has also worked as a Financial Officer with extensive knowledge of analyzing commercial financial statements, conducting competitive analysis for product viability and development, project budget projections and evaluation of customer service satisfaction.  Her financial creativity combined with her sales skills make her a perfect fit for Vivify.



She is a Nurse with a degree obtained from the Japanese Red Cross of Nursing and also participated in the AFS American Field Service International Exchange program. She has worked at Ishikawa Hospital, Inoue Clinic and Kameda Medical Center. She has great ability to perform functions where dedication and pro activity are required. She speaks and writes both in English and Spanish with her native language being Japanese. She currently serves as Japan Business Relations for Vivify Company.


dr rojas.jpg

Dr. Bascunan is the Director of the Medical Department.  He has over 20 plus years of experience having worked at both the University of Chile and as a specialist at the University of Santiago. This experience gives him an exceptional ability to understand the vital need an AED can provide to companies in helping to save lives.  He has earned Diplomas in Health Administration as well as the Management of Critical Patient Care Units.  Dr. Bascunan currently serves as faculty in both the Business and Economic Departments at the University of Chile.  In addition, he is an associate professor for post graduate students at the University of Santiago specializing in the Department of Emergency Medicine.  Within these forums, Dr. Bascunan’s curriculum includes training individuals in CPR and AED usage for advanced preparedness in emergency situations. 


Josefa Belmar.jpg

Josefa is the Key Account Officer for the Southern Region of Vivify.  Her background is in general personnel administration, marketing, insurance brokering and sales.  She also has an area of expertise in client management utilizing the Customer Relationship Platform or CRM.  This system provides our clients with the best quality control and unsurpassed customer service.


James Payne.jpg

James is our USA Business Relations Manager.  He has a Masters degree from Yale University in Economics.. His background is primarily as a Global Accounts Manager with a specialty in pharmaceutical and medical research companies throughout North America and Europe. 


jaime collao.jpg

Jaime is the Manager of Technical Support Operations.  His interest in electronics and telecommunications came from training in the Chilean Navy.  After his service, he transitioned into the private business sector where he worked as a contract administrator in large mining sites, construction management and hydroelectric plants carrying out Technical Work Inspections.  Jaime has a specialty in risk prevention making him a leader in helping to avoid foreseeable dangers.  This makes him uniquely qualified in his position within our company.   


foto Elizabeth.jpg

Elizabeth is one of our Sales and Marketing Consultants and assistant with a specialty in nursing. She has practiced for over 8 years with exensive experience in managing critical patient care.  Her focus was in usage of dialysis and hemodialysis equipment, renal replacement therapies and training student nurses on how to use these devices for treatment.  Recently, she became a consultant in the AED arena, educating and training employees throughout various Chilean companies on how to utilize AED machines in the workplace environment.  Her strong interpersonal skills and extensive comprehension of medical equipment makes her the perfect fit. 

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