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Automatic External Defibrillator

Our mission is to create the largest VIVIFY RED AED CHILEAN NETWORK. We have conducted exhaustive international research to ensure we provide the best AED devices available on the market. Thus, we can confidentally promote and encourage the health and overall well-being for people's everyday lives. Through the use of technological devices that meet the highest existing quality standards in the world we are accomplishing our mission.

An automatic external defibrillator or AED can save a person's life during cardiac arrest, which is defined as a cessation, sometimes temporary, of the function of the heart.

An AED machine can restore a normal heart rhythm in victims of sudden cardiac arrest.  Our portable AEDs enable more people to respond to a medical emergency requiring defibrillation.

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The Chilean Law establishes the MANDATORY installation of Automatic External Defibrillators (DEA) in places of high public influx.

((Law No. 21,156, promulgated on May 20, 2019)





Our foreign trade department operates in both purchasing and logistical services, providing delivery of AED devices to companies all over the world.  We have the highest level of technological assistance available, allowing Vivify to respond to our customers promptly and with the expertise they require.




Our Technical Service team is in charge of both installing and mechanical maintenance for our VIVIFY AED devices.

We provide a complete assessment of your VIVIFY AED machines on a regular basis to ensure they are functioning properly.  A Test Record summary report is produced for the client which provides the following data:


  • Power Status Indicator 

  • Battery Life

  • Electrode expiration dates

  • Status of any upgraded accessories

  • Communication data is being uploaded consistently and in compliance with all AED guidelines

  • Identify and fix any corrective action if needed

  • Software is functioning at optimal levels and updated as needed

  • A certified test record ticket




Our mission and main goal is to save lives with our AED machines by providing the consumer with the most advanced devices available, superior training and specialized technological support.  We can accomplish our objectives by distributing Vivify AED  worldwide, in every company, educating the public on correct usage and proper techniques.

The highly trained medical team has designed a CPR course which includes an extensive 12-hour focus on utilizing life-saving methods in coordination with the Vivify AED device.  We offer follow-up education and training development, workplace simulations and additional customized services depending on client needs.




We have developed a dynamic, cutting-edge Commerical subdivision within Vivify which incorporates a Customer Relation Platform or CRM.  Utilizing this method of data retrieval provides us with invaluable knowledge of our client’s needs, enabling us to deliver the best customer experience. 

In compliance with Law 21.156, establishing the mandatory nature for the acquisition of an AED Device (Automatic External Defibrillator) by all the persons and companies that carry out commercial economic activity in Chile, VIVIFY’s AED devices are undoubtedly the best option available on the market.

VIVIFY supplies our customers with incomparable resources.  We have strategically united a team of highly qualified, specialty consultants that provide the essential tools and skills required for the installation and use of our AED devices.  The practice and maintenance of an AED device involves several variables.  Let Vivify find the solution for all your concerns and needs with our outstanding experts in the field and exceptional customer service.




Kō-Systems is an electronic device that works in coordination with the Vivify AED machine.  It continuously monitors AED functions 24/7 to determine if any corrective action is required.  By collecting and transmitting data to the appropriate software platform, we are able to generate test reports immediately in the event of an alert to determine what is malfunctioning and how to fix the issue.  Centinela also offers a GPS feature so one can easily find the exact location of the AED machine in case of an emergency. 


When the AED device is activated for use, an alert signal notifies our support staff which initiates the necessary emergency protocol.  Specialized personnel are available to assist and aid the user in AED procedures in order to best help the victim and ultimately save a life.  Our team of highly trained staff will also help coordinate transportation to the nearest medical facility. Kō-Systems.


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